Hello kind Folks, Ladies and Gentlemen;We have a really good place here at Secret Island Resort, Gili Gede for you.  It's not for everyone: but we hope you love it like we do.  Have a good look and send us any questions you may have? ----  secretislandresort@gmail.com --- Call +6281803762001For more info: Please see secretislandresort.comGili Gede is fast becoming one of Lombok's hot fun spots for the young and older to enjoy their holidays.  A get away from it all kinda place.  Here the seas and beaches are still pristine and barely discovered.  There are 12 Gili islands here in the South west for you to explore including nearby Gili Ringgit and Gili Layar where the 'Snorkeling' is superb and the 'Scuba diving' really good to. Gili Gede is the biggest and presently partially developed with 6 hotels and 6 villages to explore.  The local people are still quite friendly and the children just love to play with you. We hope you do to.Secret Island Resort is Gili Gede's first hotel and is ranked by us as a two star hotel presently verging on 3 star.  We have recently completed several renovations and are working on more.  It is important to understand that Secret Island Resort is built with a lot of old recycled iron wood and teak wood. This wood was cut and processed long before any of us were born and will be here long after most of us have passed.  Meaning that a lot of what may look old and grey is just that. It doesn't really need paint and varnish.  But don't worry we will be sprucing it up because it is good to look good even if your old.imageterrace_flowersgardenPath_SirThese 3 above photos are outside in garden area in front of our main lounging area and restaurant.  Really Good and FRESH FOOD, a full bar, a pool table, music (some time live) and dvd's inside.  Plus some unique special artwork awaiting your discovery: Sculpture and painting.SIR_entrance copyGreat swimming beach here in front, no sharp coral to skuff up your feet. Very safe for the kids and there is good snorkeling just around the corner with lots of tropical fish and sometimes turtles.sunset_bungalowsSunset behind the two 'Bungalows Over Reef', Bali and Lombok's only ones.  Also completely built with recycled 100+ years old teak and iron wood.Bungs_over_reef

2bungalows_pier copyTinSitiDockhammockBunglama copyPeter-hammockduaBungalows_front copy copy4ongili copyimageimageimageimageBale_alang_alang copyOne of 3 Bale gazebos for your lounging pleasure. And lots of other hammocks for swinging moments of happiness.

Lovely Fun Kids on Gili Gede.

imageI sometimes talk to much and do care about making a difference in this world politically and socially. Sometimes I think "we can really save the world together":  Peter saysEither way we are very glad to be here with you and a part of the greater all!  In closing we would like to add a wonderful quote from the most famous Sufi poet named 'Rumi'  who said "Heart is the secret inside the secret" : May the secret be revealed.Posted by Secret Island Resort , November,  2015